Sorting information for home or office

Personal admin tasks can be pretty similar to business admin.

For example, a client recently requested an itemised summary of their most valuable jewellery pieces to retain on file.

The client, Julie, provided me with a folder of receipts and a photo of each item to match with the paperwork. I resized and compressed each photo before adding the image to a new spreadsheet.

I chose Excel as the preferred application so that Julie could later sort according to her preference.  Headings included:

  • Item description
  • Photo
  • Receipt - Y/N
  • Purchase date and $ cost
  • Valuation - Y/N
  • Valuation date/details
  • House and Contents insurance - separate item listed on policy - Y/N

The summary I prepared included each item’s description and photo, whether there is a receipt on file, the purchase date and cost; if there is an existing valuation (and the valuation’s date and value details); whether the item is included in their house and contents insurance policy; and whether a new valuation is required for their insurer – which highlighted further action required by the client. 

This type of summary could easily be set up for any kind of small business - a jewellery business, for example. Doing this sets up the potential for self-managed stock control and/or a list of items for a web or Facebook page.

Excel spreadsheet itemising jewellery pieces

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