Favourite Keyboard Shortcuts

So many timesaving shortcuts are available.  You may still be going the 'long way round' to achieve basic tasks... until now.

As you move your hand from the keyboard to the mouse (or trackpad), then click on the pull down menu, then select the action, it's a break in rhythm.  

You should customise your toolbars - I admit I would be lost without my mouse - but as your fingers are already on the keyboard, why not learn some frequently used keyboard shortcuts.  Once you're familiar with those, you can expand your repertoire.

Using just a few will undoubtedly save you time.  Here are my most frequently used:

Task Apple Windows
Bold Command+B Control+B
Underline Command+U Control+U
Italics Command+I Control+I
Cut Command+X Control+X
Copy Command+C Control+C
Paste Command+V Control+V
Undo Command+Z Control+Z
Redo Command+Y Control+Y
Save Command+S Control+S
Print Command+P Control+P
New blank document Command+N Control+N


Coming soon, we'll have a free PDF you can download as a handy reference.  Stay tuned!

Handy weblinks are:

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