Easy tips to free up valuable space on your hard drive

Is your computer slow?  Here are a couple of tips I picked up from a Macworld article explaining how you can free up valuable disk space and therefore speed up your system.  You can apply these to either Mac or Windows environments.  

Before you start, run a system back-up on to an external drive.

  • Clear out unwanted downloads

  • Clear out unwanted pictures and check for duplicates *

  • If you use Dropbox, you can select which folders and files are synced with your devices, so while the data is safely stored by Dropbox, you can easily update your preferences when you need to access it
  • Empty the Trash!

How-to's and further information are outlined in the Macworld article.  Another of Macworld's articles is Six ways to clean up your Mac.

In addition, I regularly:

  • Review all email accounts - they can easily get out of hand

    - set aside 10 minutes once a week to review and organise

    - check for oversized attachments

  • Review the hard drive storage space

    - sort by size, then by date - do you really need the file?  

    - could the file be stored on an external drive?

And remember to empty the Trash

* Mac's iPhoto has its own Trash - you'll need to empty that too