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Formatting and Styles

We can achieve so much from the touch of a couple of buttons now.  

But, there's more to formatting and design than meets the eye . . .

Manderey can improve your professional image by adding style to your marketing and sales material, and reports.

A reflection on the past

Here's a brief look at where we've advanced from.  I graduated from Holmes Business College in the late 1970's.  In Typing Class we were taught how to centre and bold a heading the old fashioned way.  

We had to:

  1. Know the number of spaces from page edge to page edge
  2. Subtract the number of spaces in the left and right margins
  3. Count the number of letters in the heading
  4. Divide that by 2
  5. Subtract that number from the number of spaces left between the margins
  6. Space the calculated number from the left margin
  7. Type the heading
  8. Carriage return
  9. Wind the roller back 2 notches to type over the typed letters to make it appear bold!

No Delete button.  We were taught the correct way to use a typewriter rubber - the teacher would hold the sheet up to the light and if you'd rubbed too hard (allowing too much light to show) marks were deducted.

'Copy' meant using carbon paper (or type it all again).

Formatting and styles
Vintage typewriter in side view - with clipping path
vintage typewriter with blank paper to write text, isolated

These days

Aren't you glad we've advanced . . . I wonder where all the outdated office equipment ended up?

I love how the software and short cuts are evolving.  I can appreciate where we've been and more importantly where we're going!

I keep up to date with current design - in text and image based software. I can help you design for your own business needs and have a range of templates to make it even easier. 

Ask me about finding your solutions . . .

Favourite Keyboard Shortcuts

So many timesaving shortcuts are available.  You may still be going the 'long way round' to achieve basic tasks... until now.

As you move your hand from the keyboard to the mouse (or trackpad), then click on the pull down menu, then select the action, it's a break in rhythm.  

You should customise your toolbars - I admit I would be lost without my mouse - but as your fingers are already on the keyboard, why not learn some frequently used keyboard shortcuts.  Once you're familiar with those, you can expand your repertoire.

Using just a few will undoubtedly save you time.  Here are my most frequently used:

Task Apple Windows
Bold Command+B Control+B
Underline Command+U Control+U
Italics Command+I Control+I
Cut Command+X Control+X
Copy Command+C Control+C
Paste Command+V Control+V
Undo Command+Z Control+Z
Redo Command+Y Control+Y
Save Command+S Control+S
Print Command+P Control+P
New blank document Command+N Control+N


Coming soon, we'll have a free PDF you can download as a handy reference.  Stay tuned!

Handy weblinks are:

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